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Image by Kate Baxter
Will is a contemporary jeweller, graduating in 2019 from the Glasgow School of Art with first class honours. Will went on to take part in the Artist in Residence program at the Glasgow School of Art until spring 2020. He was the 2019 recipient of the Hallmark Studio’s New Designers Award and the Assosiation of Contemporary Jewellers Mark Fenn Award.

Wills degree show ‘The Monteiren Collection’ takes insperation from mid-century design classics and remoulds them into abstract forms of Jewellery. Will has a multidisiplinary approach to his process which involves CAD design, 3D printing and precious metal casting along with hand fabrication. His work focuses on developing jewellery efficiently and responsibly, a key material he uses is the plant based, renewable PLA a commonly used alternative to plastic. The PLA is gifted the same respect as precious metal, and undergoes the same process of hand refinement.

Since developing his degree show collection Will has gone on to exhibit nationaly and internationaly, including in China, Netherlands and London. He’s also developed ranges of wearable jewellery suitable for the everday which are available to purchase from his online shop and from the stockists below. 

Will is currently based in Leeds, UK where he produces jewellery from a city centre studio. 

︎   @willsharpjewellery